Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Drug Spreads: Police In Massachusetts Warn That Lethal Batch Of Extra-Strong Heroin Has Entered The State

Just one day after Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead from a heroin overdose, has exclusively learned that the fatal mix that did him in could already be spreading across the country. On Monday morning, police in Attleboro, Massachusetts — located just over the border from Rhode Island, and a few hours north of Manhattan — released a disturbing alert about the presence of a “high-purity” batch of heroin, much like that which killed Hoffman, in the area.

Citing at least a dozen overdoses in the city in January alone, Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney said, “We suspect that there may be a higher purity of heroin in the area, that when people inject it is creating these overdoses.”

On Friday night, less than 48 hours before Hoffman was found dead in a West Village apartment, a 28-year-old Attleboro woman was found dead, the victim of an accidental overdose. She was the mother of a six-year-old child. Hoffman, a father to three young children, was scheduled to spend time with them the day he was found lying on the bathroom floor.

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Even further north, closer to Boston in the town of Norton, the mysteriously strong drug is already making its fatal mark.

Lt. Todd Jackson told Attleboro’s Sun Chronicle, “Norton, alone, has seen several overdoses, which have become too common.”

Massachusetts believe the strain plaguing the state is a purer batch cut with fewer diluting agents. Hoffman’s dose reportedly was mixed with Fentanyl. In either case, users can easily misjudge their tolerance leading to fatal overdose.

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As Radar has reported, cops have commenced a manhunt to find Hoffman’s dealer. Another source said Hoffman was spending $10,000 per month on drugs during his final months.

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