She’s No Longer Unemployed! ‘Broke’ Tori Spelling Picks Up New Show At ABC

Poor little rich girl Tori Spelling is back to work!

After publicly declaring how she is in “serious debt” thanks to real estate losses and a “little shopping problem,” has learned that the actress, 40, turned reality TV star has landed a new acting gig.

ABC Family is adding a new comedy series Mystery Girls, to its scripted slate, which is starring and produced by Beverly Hills, 90210 alums Spelling and Jennie Garth.

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The pilot was created by mother—of-four Spelling and follows the story of Holly (Spelling) and Charlie (Garth) as former cast mates on a popular ’90s crime TV series that are brought back to their detective game years later.

“I love performing and I love doing comedy, and it’s funny, in my mind that’s what I think I excel at and it’s funny that people don’t know me for comedy,” Spelling said in a new interview.

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“I put acting kind of on the back burner doing reality and building my brand for so many years that it’ll be nice to go back to TV and do something scripted.”

The new gig should offset her family’s “financial ruin” and help to pay for their new rental in Encino, a house that, according to its real estate flyer, is costing them $10,500 a month.

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