More Problems For Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian: His Spending Causing Rift In Relationship

The man the Kardashian clan calls “Lord Disick” has been “living like a king” — and it’s all coming out of his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian‘s coffers, causing further tension in their already rocky relationship.

Scott Disick has been “spending like he’s Jay Z or something, while he completely cast Kourtney aside,” a family insider tells InTouch.

“How can she not feel used?”

The dashing male socialite’s made $2 million on the family’s reality shows, but spent every last penny on amenities like fancy cars, extended stays at posh hotels, private jet rides and gold bling, the insider told the magazine.

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“All of the money he has is because of her.”

As for Kourtney, she’s a lot more conservative with her cash, despite her family’s gold-plated reputation.

She likes to look nice, but she isn’t someone that goes crazy on yachts and diamonds and elegant vacations like her sister Kim,” a separate insider told the paper. “She lives modestly and she has set aside a lot of money for for Mason and Penelope.

“Kourtney could live off the rest of her life for the money she’s made.”

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An insider characterized Scott as immature and selfish in the way he’s been treating his baby mama — while spending at a pace that could put her in the poorhouse.

“He puts himself first and pretty much every situation and just makes the wrong decisions – unfortunately, Kourtney ends up getting hurt.”

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