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Following In Her Sisters' Footsteps? Kendall Jenner Gets Lip Injections, Say Experts

Bigger is better could practically be the Kardashian family motto. And though 18-year-old Kendall Jenner has generally avoided taking style cues from her older sisters, preferring a sleeker, high-fashion look, her puffed-up appearance in a new Twitpic has fans wondering if she caved to their cues and got lip injections. And experts tell RadarOnline.com, the answer is YES!

“Kendall’s lips look like they’ve enlarged substantially,” plastic surgeon Anthony Youn tells Radar. “I suspect that her lips were either stung by a bee or injected with a filler, like Juvederm. The giveaway to me is that her upper lip is larger than her lower lip.”

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“Normally, unless your name is Angelina Jolie, the lower lip is 50% larger than the upper lip,” Dr. Youn explains. “When this ratio is reversed, the lips look puffy and unnatural. Hopefully much of the puffiness we see is due to swelling and will improve within the next couple days.”

Licensed aesthetician Alicia Hunter agrees. “That definitely looks like filler, most likely Juvederm,” Hunter tells Radar. “Her lips look unnaturally puffy. Unless she just got it done, and there’s swelling, she got too much put in for her age, in my opinion.”

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“Juvederm is the filler of choice for lips,” Hunter explains, unlike Restylane, which is more often used for marionette lines on the face. “It comes in small and large vials, and I bet they sold her a large one, which goes for anywhere from $700 to over a thousand. They’re very puffy!”

Jenner’s older sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have copped to getting Botox and breast implants, respectively, while Khloe slammed Kim as “stupid” for going under the needle.