Does Britney Secretly Hate Her Gay Fans? Spears Caught Promoting Homophobic Pastor

“A lot of my hair stylists and my beauty team that I work with are gay,” Britney Spears recently said, “so I hang out with gays a lot and I just think they’re adorable and hilarious.”  LGBT bloggers later called the comments “tacky,” “condescending,” and “infantilizing.” And now, she’s in the crosshairs with gay fans again for saying a homophobic preacher is her favorite author.

Spears made the confession during a recent Twitter Q and A to promote her new album, “Britney Jean.” “What is your favorite book?” user @yanaemilyhoran asked. Spears answered, “Anything by Max Lucado.”

Lucado, no relation to Spears’ boyfriend David Lucado, is a bestselling preacher and author from Texas who is known for his anti-gay views. In 2004, he wrote an article entitled What God Says About Gay Marriage, which insists that God created marriage only to be between one man and one woman.

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“The Bible never minces words regarding God’s feelings towards homosexual activity,” Lucado writes. “To the men of Israel, God warned, ‘You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.'”

“From the start to finish,” he continues, “Scripture categorically condemns same-sex intimacy … [God] categorically opposes it.”

More recently, in 2012, he spoke out against gay marriage again, expressing his frustration about Americans’ “ongoing inability to agree with God’s definition of marriage.”

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Spears was spotted reading a collection of Lucado’s essays, Grace for the Moment, this summer.

But just last month, she insisted her song “Work B***h” is a tribute to gay fans. “It’s kind of like a respect to the gays as a term of endearment,” she explained.

Is she all talk, merely acting LGBT-friendly to sell records? Many fans think so.

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Mykki Blanco, a gender-bending gay rapper trashed Spears as “tacky” and “corny” on Twitter back in September. “Is it just me or is EVERY female pop star currently in a war to secure as many GAY fans and gay $ as possible?” the rapper wrote. “This sh*t is tacky. Work B***h? lol This is not ‘gay pride,’ it’s ‘gay marketing’ …”

What do you think? Is Britney gay-friendly because it pays? Let us know in the comments!

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