Alec Baldwin Confronts Reporter, Shoves Photographer: ‘You Are As Dumb As You Look’

Oops, he did it again.

Alec Baldwin clashed with Fox 5 reporter Robert Moses early Friday, as the journalist waited outside his Manhattan apartment hoping for a comment about Thursday’s conviction of a woman who stalked him.

The testy actor, coming back from walking his dog, got in Moses’s face telling him, “You’re in my way … you’re in my way,” before entering his domicile.

The volatile star then reemerged in his Alpha Male stance and admonished the reporter, “If you’re still here when my wife and kid come out, you’re going to have a big problem, you know that?”

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Baldwin walked back in the structure, then came back out again, browbeating Moses to acknowledge the warning.

“You are as dumb as you look, you are with Fox, right?” the Hollywood hothead asked him.

After that, the boisterous Baldwin had ANOTHER run-in with a photographer, shoving the man, smacking his camera out of his hand, and going back and forth in an extended exchange.

“Hey, you just assaulted me,” the man told the agitated actor, who snickered and said, “I assaulted you?”

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The run-ins come less than 24 hours after the mercurial Baldwin reportedly called a cameraman a “f*g” and a “c*cksucker,” though in his defense, he said he actually called the person a “fathead;” and had no idea the phrase “c*cksucker” could be offensive to gay people.

“Rich Ferraro from @glaad informs me that c’sucker is an anti-gay epithet. In which case I apologize and will retire it from my vocabulary.” he wrote. “Anti-gay slurs are wrong. They not only offend, but threaten hard fought tolerance of LGBT rights.

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“I’m grateful to all of the ppl I meet + hear from who recognize that I would never say something to offend my friends in the gay community.”

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