LeAnn Rimes' Invasion Of Privacy Lawsuit Dismissed At Her Request, Settlement Reached

The invasion of privacy lawsuit that LeAnn Rimes filed against a California teacher and her daughterfor allegedly tape recording a telephone conversation between the two, and subsequently releasing it on the Internet, has been dismissed at the request of Eddie Cibrian‘s wife, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

The two-time Grammy Award-winner was suing teacher Kim Smiley and her daughter Alexa for invasion of privacy after the pair allegedly recorded a 2012 telephone call between them and the singer which was later leaked online.

According to court records, Rimes requested the lawsuit be dismissed on Oct. 28, and it cannot be re-filed.

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A lawyer for the Smileys told the Associated Press that both sides had resolved their differences and wouldn’t comment any further.

However, a source close to the situation exclusively tells Radar the lawsuit in fact ended in a settlement.

Smiley had previously asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit in September.

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During a court appearance earlier this year, Smiley’s lawyers argued that the contentious call was made in a public place — a Malibu, Calif., restaurant.

Rimes’ legal team has asserted that “at no time did Ms. Rimes consent to being recorded.”

California law dictates that all parties must consent to the recording.

A jury trial that was scheduled for June 2, 2014 is now off the calendar because of the dismissal.

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