Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Doppelgänger Love Child, Joseph Baena Turns 16-Years-Old

It’s been two years since the world found out that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered an illegitimate love child with his then-housekeeperMildred Baena, and has photos of their son — the spitting image of his father! — who turned 16 on Wednesday.

Joseph Baena was spotted shopping with his mother on Monday in their hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. looking nearly identical to his famous father back in the Conan the Barbarian days.

PHOTOS: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Doppelgänger Love Child, 16-Year-Old Joseph Baena

In May, 2011, Schwarzenegger admitted in a statement that shocked the world, that he’d fathered a child outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver that was born before he began his seven-year stint as governor.

Radar then exclusively revealed the identity of his mistress — housekeeper Mildred, who worked for the Schwarzenegger-Shriver family for 20 years before retiring in January, 2011.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: New Pics Of Arnold’s ‘Love Child’

Schwarzenegger continued to support Mildred and their son Joseph both before and after the scandal popped, and the former governor had secret visits with Joseph, but they haven’t been seen together recently.

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