Royal Snub! Filmmakers Bar England's First Family From Attending Premiere Of Princess Di Film

The royal princes, and many others tied to the late Princess Diana, have been blackballed from the London film premiere of titled Diana, the new movie about the late beauty starring Naomi Watts as the iconic Brit, can reveal.

Movie bosses have shut out other Windsors — including the Queen, Prince Phillip and Diana’s ex husband Prince Charles — from attending the Sept. 5 premiere. Other real life associates of Diana who are featured in the film — like Paul Burrell and Mohammed Al Fayed, Dodi‘s dad — are also not welcome.

It’s an incredible move considering the movie is already facing a backlash from many quarters about storylines, promotion and its content taste, as it depicts the romance between surgeon Hasnat Khan and Diana in her last two years alive.

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The strange decision to cut out key players in Diana’s life — which ended after her car accident in Paris in Aug. 1997 — has been confirmed by film distributor Entertainment One.

“The Royal family has not been invited to the World Premiere,” a spokesman confirmed, while another rep explained that Burrell and Al Fayed were “not invited, as [the] tickets were [only] for guests of the cast and crew.”

Khan said he would boycott the movie, shooting down any claims he gave “tact acceptance” to the script. Khan said the plot lines and storyline is false and “completely wrong.”

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The latest saga in the Diana movie comes days after Watts raised eyebrows saying she had spoken to Diana’s ghost, claiming in an interview the late princess granted “permission” to portray her on the big screen.

The comments left Royal courtiers with a “bad taste”, claiming it was a PR stunt “to help sell a film which doesn’t have the backing of the Royal family.”

Oscar winning director Oliver Hirschbiegel refused to share the script with the Royals.

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Film star Cas Anvar, who plays Dodi Fayed, has sympathy for Diana’s children William and Harry, but hopes they will see the film as a celebration of their mother.

“Their mom’s private life is being told in a movie — the fact she was the biggest celebrity, a Royal figure and died tragically aside — it would be difficult for anyone to witness that. The reason it is being made is because Diana was loved by everyone not just her family.

“Her life became a topic for the public’s curiosity,” Anvar said. “If they choose to watch the movie, at some point, I think they will see it honored her and shows her as a heroic, uniquely powerful personality in our history.”

Cas defended the film, calling it “authentic” to its topic matter.

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“It is not necessarily going to paint a rosy picture across the board,” he said, “but it is going to be very honest.”

A spokesman for the Princes would not comment on the matter.

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