Shellie Zimmerman ‘Conflicted’ On Estranged Husband George’s Innocence In Trayvon Martin Slaying

Citing their unpleasant run-in earlier this month, George Zimmerman‘s estranged spouse Shellie says she’s not sure what happened on that fateful Florida night when her husband fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin following a tussle between the two, spawning a chain of events that would rock the nation to its’ very foundation.

“I’m conflicted on that — I believe the evidence, but this revelation in my life has really helped me take the blinders off and start to see things differently,” she told Matt Lauer on Thursday’s edition of the TODAY show.

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Lauer asked her to clarify her thoughts, asking, “So you now doubt his innocence, at least the fact that he was acting in self-defense on the night that Trayvon Martin was killed?”

The 26-year-old, who’s in the process of divorcing the former neighborhood watchman, responded, “I think anyone would doubt that innocence because I don’t know the person that I’ve been married to; I have doubts, but I also believe the evidence.”

Shellie made clear she did not think Travyon’s race played a role in the killing, vowing to Lauer that George “did not profile Trayvon Martin.”

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In reference to her with George in Lake Mary, Fla. earlier this month — and her comment on a 911 call where she said she didn’t “know what he’s capable of” — Shellie said she picked up scary vibes from George in the incident she’d never witnessed during their marriage.

“I really don’t know what he’s capable of,” she said. “This person that I’m married to that I’m divorcing, I’ve kind of realized now that I don’t know him and I really don’t know what he’s capable of.

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“I saw a look in his eyes that I’ve never seen before that day.”

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