Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Having Autism: ‘I Was Terrified’ In Early Hollywood Career

Daryl Hannah was a solid A-list movie star, even dating John F. Kennedy Jr., but she opened up and revealed that she was diagnosed with Autism as a child and struggled with her life for years.

“I’ve never been comfortable being the center of attention,” the Splash star said.

“It’s always freaked me out.”

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Growing up in Chicago, Hannah said she suffered from “debilitating shyness,” as a result of the disorder.

She said that she would rock incessantly, and still does, but has managed her autism better.

“I’m a grown up now,” she told People magazine, “I’ve learned a couple of things that really would’ve made my life easier if I’d known them 20 years ago.”

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Despite her success in Hollywood as a teenager, Hannah said that she hid her autism from movie producers and refused to do promotional interviews or talk show appearances, “not because I was above it, but because I was terrified.”

She said that she felt the pressure of being in the industry, recalling “I wasted so much time scared, self-conscious and insecure.”

The 52-year-old says her movie roles have dwindled, admitting: “I’m definitely not being offered the greatest roles in the world,” and she is adamant that she’s never had plastic surgery.

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However, with her activism and a boyfriend of over three years, Hannah says she is content.

“Life is too short to stress the small things anymore.”

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