Cheryl Burke: Paula Deen Would Make 'A Great Addition To The Cast' Of Dancing With The Stars

Paula Deen‘s deep-fried career could use a lifesaver in the shape of a mirrorball, Dancing with the Stars‘ dancer Cheryl Burke says, predicting the disgraced chef would make “a great addition to the cast” of the ABC hit.

“I think you’d probably see a different side of her,” the stunner, 29, told ET Canada. “I think coming on something light and fun would be something good for her.”

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In 2010 — back when her career was sizzling — Deen, 66, told Extra that she’d passed on doing the ABC reality competition.

“Fat girls don’t look good sweating,” she said. “I’ve got catfish arms … and I’ve got … is that a muffin top right there?”

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Of course, Deen’s career has taken a swift downturn this summer, as a lawsuit from a former employee exposed her use of the N-word; and a subsequent disaster in managing the career crisis only hastened her descent.

Dancing with the Stars returns this fall.

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