Call HR! Anchor & Weather Lady Can't Hide Their Mutual Contempt During Live Broadcast

Apparently, it isn’t always sunny in Philadelphia.

In a dialogue we can’t even call passive-aggressive — just aggressive — a video montage of two CBS3 on-air personalities in a series of on-air spats has gone viral, having topped the 1 million view mark on YouTube.

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It’s non-stop anger when the two involved — meteorologist Carol Erickson and anchor Nicole Brewer (a former Miss Pennsylvania) — interact, capturing the interpersonal animosity reality shows strive to manufacture.

CBS 3 issued a statement to in response to the clip going viral, calling any talk of a controversy “ridiculous” and the video itself taken “out of context.”

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“Carol has been a mentor to Nicole and they’re friendly both in the newsroom and out,” the station said. “It gives a totally false impression of what they’re relationship is like. Their viewers who’ve watched them over the years know they’re more than friendly.”

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The ladies also tweeted kind words about one another, in hopes of dampening the disdain.

“If you know @CarolCBS3 and me,” Nicole tweeted, “you know there’s only love between us. So, we’re going to keep having fun.”

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