How Embarrassing! The 20 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

The only thing worse than having a wardrobe malfunction is when the incident is caught on camera – and Hollywood stars have learned this lesson the hard and extremely embarrassing way.

From total boob exposure and nip slips to sheer disasters, the biggest celebrities have committed the most massive style sins when their clothes and have refused to behave on-and-off the red carpet. has photos and details about the 20 worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions ever.

PHOTOS: The 20 Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

This star won loads of awards for her performance in Les Miserables, but didn’t score a best dressed trophy for her premiere gown and its’ missing undergarments – resulting in her indecently exposing her lady parts!

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to super tight clothes, but they don’t always work in her favor. The reality star experienced a mortifying moment when her clothes couldn’t contain her big booty. Find out what happened to her by clicking through the gallery.

Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj gave viewers the ultimate show, experiencing R-rated moments during live television broadcasts, while Khloe Kardashian mortified her mother, Kris Jenner, by exposing her nip-slip in a Twitter pic.

To see the worst wardrobe malfunctions of all time, click here.

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