Phone Call From Jail – Jenelle Evans’ Incarcerated Husband Brags About Getting Her To Marry Him After Just 13 Days

Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband Courtland Rogers is sitting in a North Carolina jail after being arrested with her for possession of heroin and assault but has obtained video of a phone call he made from jail where he brags about getting her to marry him just 13 days after getting engaged.

Courtland, 27, is allowed to make outgoing phone calls via Skype from jail and this one shows him boasting to an unidentified person about how great he is and why the troubled Teen Mom star married him so quickly after they got engaged.

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“It sucks to being in jail for something I didn’t do,” Courtland, wearing his prison stripes, says to his friend on the video.

“But at the same time I’m content. What can I do? Sit here and be sad and sh*t?

“Hell no I’m not the sad type of guy that’s why she fell in love with me so fast,” he says about his wife Jenelle, who sources told Radar plans to file for divorce from as soon as possible.

Then he says Jenelle, 21, loves him “Because I’m such an outgoing person.”

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Bringing up her dating history, Courtland brags about how she fell for him and not Gary Head or Kieffer Delp.

“It took Kieffer two years being engaged and they still didn’t get married,” Courtland says and continues his boasting.

“And then Gary was engaged for a year and a half and they still didn’t get married.”

Jenelle’s husband says his magnetic personality was so overwhelming she just couldn’t resist his charms.

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“I was engaged to her for 13 days and I married her!”

Courtland is still in jail because when he was arrested he was on probation and has a $50,000 secure bond that he is unable to pay.

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