Kim Kardashian Arrives At Court For Divorce Hearing, Kris Humphries Not There: What’s Really Going On?

UPDATE 3:09 pm EDT:  The settlement conference has just ended. Kris Humphries’ attorney Lee Hutton emerged from the courtroom and said trial is set for May 6. Kim Kardashian and her attorney Laura Wasser remained in the courtroom.

UPDATE 1:55 pm EDT: Kris Humphries’ lawyer left the courtroom for a short break. As the door opened, Radar spied Kim Kardashian sitting in the jury box!

UPDATE 1 pm EDT: The parties are behind closed doors in court. Kim is there with her lawyer Laura Wasser and Lee Hutton is in the courtroom representing Kris. The judge is Hank Goldberg and this appears to be the only matter on his calendar this morning.

Kim Kardashian arrived at court in Los Angeles on Friday morning for a settlement conference in her divorce from estranged husband, NBA star, Kris Humphries, and is reporting he won’t be in court for the proceedings because the Brooklyn Nets are playing the Indiana Pacers later in the day.

Kanye West‘s baby mama wore white slacks and a long silver tunic, as she was escorted into the courtroom through a private hallway. The courtroom has been closed to the public for the settlement conference, which is routinely done.

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Lawyers for Kim ‘s ex-husband intend on forcing the reality TV star to admit under oath that her top-rating E! show staged scenes to make him look bad.

Several producers and television executives are on the witness list for the pair’s divorce trial, and as we previously reported, one producer, Jay Russell, has already testified in a deposition that at least two scenes that were “scripted, reshot or edited” to make Humphries look like the villain.

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Humphries maintains he was duped into marrying Kardashian under false pretenses and wants the marriage annulled. The reality star has vehemently denied Humphries claims, and wants the judge to grant her a divorce.

The divorce trial is scheduled to begin on May 6, unless a settlement in hashed out in court today, which is highly unlikely according to our sources.

Story developing….

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