Sean Lowe’s Final Decision: Inside Secrets, Dirty Tricks & Heartbreak On The Bachelor

Sean Lowe is about to reveal who he picked to be his wife in the Bachelor finale and has an inside look into all the secrets and everything you need to know about his decision to tell both women he loved them, the suspicion that both women are in it just for the fame, and whether or not he’s having sex with his fiancée!

Sean has narrowed his choices down to Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici (don’t worry, we’re not going to reveal who he picks!) but they may both be playing the hunky guy to their own advantage and may not actually be marriage material.

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As always, the women have been accused of “not being there for the right reasons,” so Sean may have to reconsider his proposal.

According to a report in In Touch magazine, Lindsay Yenter, 24, isn’t ready for her 15 minutes to end and if she isn’t picked then she “sees the Bachelorette as a consolation prize.”

“Sean can be so naïve,” a source said about the hunky Bachelor.

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And Catherine may not be exactly what Sean wants either, since he’s eager to start a family, but on the show her own sisters couldn’t say that she was too.

In a shocking twist of events, Sean reportedly confessed strong feelings to Catherine AND Lindsay!

“Sean tells two women he loves them,” Us Weekly reported, and says that it was a heartfelt emotion from him.

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“Sean’s not someone who just got caught up in the moment. He was serious about finding a wife and he didn’t’ want to make the wrong decision.”

Sean has admitted that he is a born-again virgin, but since he has been secretly spending time with his fiancée, he’s finding it harder and harder to stay celibate.

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“Your body leads you one way, but your mind leads you another,” Sean told Life & Style magazine.

Apparently his chosen bride-to-be doesn’t mind that they’re not going to have sex until after their wedding, but “she wishes they could get married superfast!”

While the physical attraction is strong, that’s not the reason Sean and his fiancée are hurrying down the aisle.

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“They’re getting married quickly for love, not for the sex!”

And of course, Sean proposed to his beloved with a stunning 3.5 cushion cut carat Neil Lane diamond ring, which she happily accepted!

The Bachelor finale will air on ABC on Monday, March 11.

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