Move Aside Ravens & 49ers! 'Puppy Bowl' Lineup Revealed

Discovery Channel

The ninth annual Puppy Bowl takes place February 3 — okay, that’s the same day as the NFL players take to the field — and has a look at the starting lineup.

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This super popular and super cute Animal Planet special has 35 of the most adorable pups imaginable in competition, and all of them are from animal shelters and just waiting to be adopted.

There’s Aurora, who doesn’t let maintaining her furry good looks get in the way of playing hard.

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Bessie, from Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue, likes to pin her opponents almost wrestling style.

And Butterscotch, who was rescued off a beach in Puerto Rico called Dead Dog Beach — we kid you not! — with moves that would give Joe Flacco a run for his money.

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Puppy Bowl will air on Animal Planet, February 3 at 3 pm.


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