She Did WHAT? Find Out Why Even Courtney Love Was Concerned She Was Too Crazy At Sundance!

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Courtney Love is not known for her shy and retiring behavior but even the whacky Hole front woman was worried she had caused a scene as she embarked on a crazed swag grab at the Sundance Film Festival  on Saturday!

Kurt Cobain‘s widow was spotted at the Miami Lounge in Park City, Utah, stocking up with stacks of free goodies including a fur jacket from the RUDSAK line that would make PETA cringe — but it wasn’t just the freebie frenzy that was drawing attention to the bleach blonde bad girl, FOX411’s Pop Tarts   are reporting.

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To get the full rundown on how, in true Courtney Love style, the punk rock princess managed to stand out from the crowd even when surrounded by swarms of celebs, check out the eyewitness report on her outrageous and bizarre behavior.

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