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Plenty Of Life Left In Grandma Yet! Amazing Geriatric Gymnast Shows Off Unbelievable Moves On High Beam!

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

They say you’re never too old to reach for your dreams, and one agile granny proves the adage true — and then some — as she swings from the parallel bars with the grace and ease of a teenager.

Johanna Quaas, 87, showed off her impressive skills on German television channel ZDF’s annual review show People Of 2012, and RadarOnline.com has amazing photos of her awe-inspiring performance.

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With her perfectly sculptured arms rippling as they support her body in a rigid straight line on the beam, the green-leotard clad senior gymnastics champion from Halle in Saxony shows off a toned and lithe body that even a 20-year-old would envy!

Quaas’ regular floor routine includes a handstand forward roll, cartwheel, backward roll and headstand, while on the bars she performs a full planche, holding her body taught and parallel to the ground, reported the Telegraph.co.uk.

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The high queen of balance, strength and flexibility has been flying across gymnasium floors since she was 30 and believes her pastime has kept her looking young.

The German octogenarian has a long history of athletic excellence and in 1954 she was a member of the handball team that took the Eastern German Championship.



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