Woman Commits Suicide As Foreclosure Agents Walk Into Her Apartment

By Radar Staff

The financial crisis became too much for one woman who tragically leapt to her death just as foreclosure agents beat down her door.

The victim, Amaya Egaña, took her own life by jumping from her sixth-story balcony while a legal team were waiting to foreclose her property.

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The representatives from the local court in Barakaldo, Spain were forced to call a locksmith after Egaña didn’t come to her door.

However when they were eventually let in they found the 53-year-old standing on a chair just moments before launching herself over the balcony.

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Egaña was found alive, but she could not be saved by paramedics.

Spain – like many other countries around the globe – has been hard hit by the recession and Egaña’s suicide is not the first related to foreclosures.


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