Sister Wives Deny They’re ‘Weak Willed Women,’ Say Kody’s In The ‘Dog House’ A Lot

By Radar Staff

Kody Brown and his wives MeriJanelleChristine and Robyn, of TLC’s Sister Wives fame, sit down with Jeff Probst for a telling chat about their lifestyle Thursday, and we’ve got the details for you on

Christine said the biggest misconception about the wives is “that we’re weak willed women,” while Janelle said Kody doesn’t have the “great life” viewers might think he does.

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“He honestly is in the dog house pretty much most of time with somebody,” she said.

Kody joked, “I don’t believe I’ve had all of them mad at me at once, but that’s a scary thought!”

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Christine said the concept of sisterhood is at the root of what makes the polygamy lifestyle work for her.

The other wives “have my back,” she said. “I was going through a hard time and I was struggling and I get all these texts saying, ‘What’s going on with you, talk to me.'”

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Janelle said that “on the other side, we’re saying to Kody, ‘Get in there and fix it.'”

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The family also dishes on the fallout of their move from Utah to Nevada because of legal issues in the interview, which airs Thursday on The Jeff Probst Show.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 9/8c TLC.



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