Selena Gomez Hangs Out With Taylor Swift After Fight With Justin Bieber

By Radar Staff

Look out Justin Bieber! Your on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez is hanging out with Taylor Swift who has this habit of writing songs about every ex-boyfriend.

Will Taylor now help Selena compose such a ballad? This doesn’t look good for the Biebs.

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And making matters more complicated, with Selena, 20, not expected to attend Sunday’s American Music Awards, three-time nominee/performer/presenter Bieber, 18, may be seated in the audience with Taylor.

But back to the girls….Selena and Taylor met up for dinner at L.A.’s Osteria La Buca and seemed to have had a grand time.

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They surely talked about Selena’s epic fight with Bieber the night before, when she locked him out of her house.

Of course, Taylor, 22, recently broke up with Conor Kennedy, 18, so she and Selena surely had a lot to giggle about. Oh, the immaturity of those teenage boys!

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