Keira Knightley: ‘I Knew I Wasn’t Anorexic’ During 2007 Uproar

By Radar Staff

British actress Keira Knightley addressed the longtime rumor of her eating disorder, saying that while she knew she wasn’t anorexic, the constant attention took a number on her psyche.

“The anorexic stuff — all of that — it’s always going to have an impact, so I think it did hit pretty hard,” she tells December’s Allure. “Because you go, ‘Oh, maybe that’s right!’

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The Anna Karenina star said she knew she “wasn’t anorexic,” but the scrutiny left her second-guessing herself.

“Maybe my body is somehow not right,” the Never Let Me Go star wondered. “Or my face is not right. Or the way I speak is not right.”

The Academy Award-nominated Pride & Prejudice star, 27, said that “when you’re going through a period where you’re really getting a lot of criticism, you go, ‘Maybe all this is right! You just kind of want to hide it all.'”

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The English stunner covers the issue topless, clad in just a Chanel coat and Tom Ford tuxedo pants.

“I’m quite rigorous about what gets exposed,” she told the magazine. “No bottom half! I don’t mind exposing my t**s because they’re so small — people really aren’t that interested.”



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