Nine-Year-Old Boy Spends Parents’ $4,000 Life Savings On Candy

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

One little boy clearly didn’t get enough Halloween candy this year – so he raided his parents life savings and splashed out $4,000 on sweets!

The nine-year-old from the Ukraine stole the money that his mom and dad kept hidden under the mattress for a rainy day and blew the whole lot at the Konotop candy store, according to to Russian and international news agency RIA Novosti.

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“The disappearance was first spotted by the father, a shift worker who had just returned home,” said Tatyana Kushnerova, a spokesperson for the local police.

“He opened the stash and saw that it was empty.”

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The looting for lollipops required a high level of cunning from the boy – and an accomplice – as his parents kept their savings in dollars and euros rather than the local Ukrainian currency, so he used an adult friend, who reportedly had been diagnosed with a mental disorder, to help convert the money, reported the Huffington Post.

When confronted, the boy admitted that he had taken the money to buy sweets for him and his friends.


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