Nun With A Very Bad Habit! Sister Caught On Camera Stealing Beer!

By Jon BoonRadar Reporter

It seems like this nun forgot one of the Ten Commandments – thou shall not steal!

This lady of the cloth was caught on CCTV in a convenience store pocketing a can of beer and a bottle of water – a sister’s gotta drink!

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In the YouTube video posted over the weekend, the nun is spotted in the footage cautiously proceeding through the store, swiping a beer from the cooler and swiftly hiding the can under her habit!

Possibly knowing that alcohol can cause dehydration, the stealth thief moves onto another cooler, grabs a bottle of water and pockets that too! Before we know it, she’s out of the door and probably back to the nunnery to enjoy a cold one!

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Sadly, it is not known where the footage came from or if the video is a hoax – but so far the 51-second clip has generated more than 225,000 views on YouTube.

Now she’s been caught, we wonder if she’ll have to go to confession?


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