Nik Richie Apologizes (Sort Of!) For Calling Courtney Stodden’s Hubby Doug Hutchison A ‘Child Molester’

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Courtney Stodden’s 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison was called a “child molester” by Nik Richie early on in this season of Couples Therapy but in the most recent episode of the show he tries to apologize – sort of!

In this clip obtained by, Nik says that while he’s never going to be ok with the then 16-year-old Courtney marrying Doug, he does offer an apology just for the name calling.

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“I don’t want to judge you for your actions, in this house it is none of my business,” Nik, the founder of website The Dirty, says to Doug.

“I apologize for calling you…. in a derogatory way…. what I said was a ‘child molester.’ I’m apologizing now for saying that because maybe it came off as a little harsh but I still think it is a form of statutory rape.”

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As previously reported, Doug threatened to “kick Nik’s ass” after he made the comment about his relationship with his Teen Bride, but Nik doesn’t really back down.

“It’s just not right dude,” Nik says and Doug explains that his marriage to Courtney isn’t any different from marriages in France, Italy or the Middle East.

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“It is hard for me to grasp between love and touching a child,” Nik says to Doug.

By the end of their conversation Doug still isn’t convinced that Nik was sincere.

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“I’m not sure if this meeting with Nik is completely genuine, he did apologize for calling me a child molester but there is still a cool distance between Nik and I,” Hutchison says.

Couples Therapy airs Wednesday nights on Vh1.


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