Lindsay Lohan Tells Dad Michael, 'Dina Is Destroying Me!'

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By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

The Lohan family is at war!

Lindsay Lohan has reached the breaking point with her mother Dina following their epic bust up Tuesday night and told her father Michael that she’s had enough!

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“Lindsay was hysterical last night,” Michael exclusively told, saying that she was “crying and upset” when they were on the phone with each other.

“Lindsay said ‘Dina is destroying me!'”

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Papa Lohan said that he thinks his daughter is finally understanding what his problems with his ex-wife have been.

“Lindsay said that Dina does to her what she does to me! And she uses Ali and Cody to hurt her.”

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As previously reported, cops were called to Dina’s Long Island home following a fight the mother-daughter duo had after leaving a nightclub together at 4 a.m. Lindsay told her mother that she needs to go to rehab, and that did not sit will with her.

“Dina went absolutely ballistic when Lindsay said that to her and insisted that there was no reason for her to get treatment. Lindsay is very concerned about her mom though and tried to convey this to Dina, but she was very emotional and tired. Lindsay even told her mom that she shouldn’t be going out to clubs with her and should act more like her mother and less like her friend,” a source previously told Radar.

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Meanwhile, Michael said his 26-year-old daughter has begged him to help her deal with her mother.

“She said that she wanted me to fly up there now. She doesn’t want her mother to demean her anymore,” Michael said.

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While cops were called to Dina’s house, no arrests were made.


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