Still No Reunion: Kristen Stewart Ditches Robert Pattinson, Takes Father To Concert

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By Radar Staff

Although she’s reportedly back with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart took her  father John as her “date” to Sunday’s Florence and the Machine show at the Hollywood Bowl, and we’ve got the pics for you right here on

The 22-year-old actress went to the concert showing off her long wiry legs in black shorts, along with a grey hoodie and blue Vans shoes.

PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart At Florence and the Machine Show

As we previously reported, Kristen’s mom Jules has been working overtime to get her daughter back together with Robert Pattinson after a summer of estrangement in the wake of her affair with director Rupert Sanders.

“Jules is the glue that’s keeping Kristen and Rob together,” a source close to the couple told “It ripped her heart in two when she saw those pictures of Kristen in a compromising situation with Rupert — and she couldn’t believe what her daughter had done.

“As far as Jules was concerned, Kristen’s relationship with Robert was a match made in heaven and she adored him like he was her own son. At first, she struggled to understand why Kristen wanted to cheat on him. But Kristen’s young and Jules knows mistakes will happen — so she supported her daughter’s efforts to win Robert back.”

Fun fact: Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd briefly dated Katy Perry following her split from Russell Brand.



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