Hulk Hogan Admits Sex Tape Shenanigans To Howard Stern

By Radar Staff

Hulk Hogan confirmed to Howard Stern Tuesday that his co-star in his sex tape is indeed Heather Clem, the estranged wife of his DJ buddy Bubba the Love Sponge.

The Real American told the America’s Got Talent star the tryst went down with Bubba’s blessing in 2006, a year prior to his long marriage to ex-wife Linda falling to pieces. He said he strayed from his marriage at the time because Linda was being abusive to him, both emotionally and verbally.

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The wrestling legend claimed he didn’t know he was secretly recorded, and said he’d seek legal repercussions against whoever leaked the embarrassing footage.

As we previously reported, Linda told us she “wasn’t really shocked about” the existence of the tawdry tape.



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