Lindsay Lohan’s Party Pal Is Republican Congressional Staffer! No Charges Filed

By Radar Staff

Christian LaBella, who was arrested for allegedly attacking Lindsay Lohan Sunday morning, is a staffer for Illinois Republican Congressman John Shimkus.

His Facebook page also proudly displays a photo of LaBella posing with Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain!

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“While no one from Congressman Shimkus’ office has been contacted by Mr. LaBella following his arrest, he has been an employee in the Congressman’s Washington office,” a rep for Congressman Shimkus said in an email.

“Obviously, the Congressman does not condone his actions.”

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Earlier in the day, a police spokesman told that misdemeanor assault charges and a harassment “violation” had been lodged against LaBella.

The pending charges stemmed from an early morning incident at Lindsay’s hotel room. After meeting LaBella in a nightclub, Lindsay invited him to come back to her room, along with some of her friends.

An altercation ensued, allegedly over LaBella taking photos of Lohan on his cell phone.

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Now has learned that no charges are being filed against LaBella, and although he lodged a complaint against Lohan, no charges are being filed against her either!

“Reports were taken from both parties about what happened and a harassment report was taken. For a charge of harassment to be made the violation would have needed to be observed – and it wasn’t. There are no charges from this incident and the matter is closed,” a police spokesperson tells us.


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