Late Sons Of Anarchy Star Johnny Lewis’ Violent Arrest Record Revealed

By Radar Staff

Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis, the star suspected of murdering an 81-year-old woman before falling to his death on Wednesday, had a violent criminal history, has confirmed.

The 28-year-old, whose full name was Jonathan Kendrick Lewis, had a dangerous past and according to police records and his booking photos he was arrested for burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

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The terrifying attack happened on February 10, 2012 when police tell that Lewis struck up a conversation with a man, his wife and their son in a yogurt shop in Santa Monica, Calif.

However on leaving the restaurant the victim, who had chatted with Lewis at the counter of the eatery, claims the actor ran up behind him and punched him in the face.


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Cops caught him fleeing from the scene and he was booked for “Battery on a Person” and “Resisting, Obstructing, Delaying an Officer” with bail set at $20,000.

Eight days later he was once again arrested, this time for attempted burglary.

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Lewis reportedly ran from the scene after being confronted by the victim who saw him trying to break into her home through her window. Bail was set for $50,000 and he was booked for “Attempted Residential Burglary.”

Lewis was convicted on both charges and sentenced to 303 days in jail.

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As previously reported, the young star was found dead outside a Los Angeles home along with an elderly woman on September 27.

Authorities suspect him of murder after officers responded to reports of a lady screaming only to discover Lewis’ body on the driveway of the home and the body of his elderly landlady inside the home.

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A neighbour and a handyman, who were found at the scene, were both badly beaten with a piece of wood in the confrontation they had with the suspect.


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