Wow, She CAN Act! Madonna’s On Stage ‘Breakdown’ Real or Fake: Judge For Yourself!

By Radar Staff

Madonna‘s been slammed for her poor acting skills in the past, but the mother-of-four put on an Oscar worthy performance last weekend, and has video of her emotional on-stage moment.

Continuing with her shock and awe inspiring MDNA world tour, where she has so far flashed her nipple in Turkey and mooned the crowd in Italy, the 53-year-old appeared to suffer a mini-breakdown on stage at the O2 Arena in Berlin, Germany on Saturday.

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The breakdown, real or affected, occurred during a performance of a slowed down version of Madge’s 80s hit Like a Virgin.

Around two minutes in Madonna falls down to her hands and knees and appears to have an “emotional moment” before her full “breakdown” occurs, around the three minute mark of the video.

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Madge is seen gazing into the distance, tears in her eyes before she bravely pulls herself together and carries on with her performance.

There’s a mixed reaction from commenters who have watched the YouTube video of Madge’s “breakdown” on whether it’s real or faux.

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“Wow, she’s a much better actress than I gave her credit for. Lol,” says one. “I don’t think it was real .. Looks very staged to be honest..” Says another.

“Eh, I think it’s real, remember she’s a crappy actress,” opines another.

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“Take a rest granny!” Advises another.

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments if you think Madge is faking or not.


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