A Glimpse Into The Future: Have Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Piled On The Pounds?

By Radar Staff

Somebody call Weight Watchers!

A glimpse into the possible future of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been afforded by the folks at Planet Hiltron and RadarOnline.com has their hilarious photoshopped prediction.

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In the picture, a wedding ring wearing Kardashian appears to have gained a good 60 pounds or so, while her musician beau has ballooned almost beyond recognition.

Kardashian is dressed in a salmon colored two piece with a pearl necklace and her famous locks cut into a limp and frumpy bob.

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West sports a natty gray blue suit and matching salmon colored shirt as he clutches his beloved around her hefty hips.

Given Kardashian’s love of flaunting her banging body in skimpy bikinis it’s unlikely she will ever succumb to the dreaded middle age spread, but the photoshopped pic provides a nice reminder to mere mortals that celebs are always just a few trips to the all you can eat buffet away from looking just like us!


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