Francesca Eastwood Gets Caught Up In Fracas With Boyfriend Tyler Shields’ Mother

By Radar Staff

Francesca Eastwood gets a dramatic insight into boyfriend Tyler Shields’ troubled background when she witnesses a nasty fight between the photographer and his distraught mother, and has video of the disturbing melee.

Following a lunch where Shields’ aunt spoke of an abusive childhood, the couple are en route to the airport to leave his native Florida when he gets a call from his mom, Martha.

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She sounds out of sorts and tells him: “I need help, Tyler… I need you to help your mother.”

When Tyler asks what she needs, his mom continues in a clearly strained voice: “I just felt like I needed to leave so I’m just walking around.”

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Panicked, the 30-year-old asks: “Where are you now? I’m going to come and pick you up.”

Francesca then reveals to the camera: “Martha has decided to leave the house and is wandering around barefoot.”

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Back to the drama, and Tyler exclaims “Jesus Christ!” as he sees his shoeless mother wandering aimlessly in the street.

She has no explanation for her behavior, offering just a weak “I don’t know,” when quizzed.

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The disorientated mom at least agrees to take a ride from her son but when she gets into the car, she brings up money straight away.

“I called you because I needed to go and pay the cable, we’re poor people,” she tells him. When Tyler reminds his mom that he has given them money, she hits back that she spent it on food.

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Then she starts ranting that all she does is help people and that she can’t “f***ing win” before asking Tyler to stop the car and getting out.

See the dramatic scenes in their entirety in Mrs Eastwood and Company on E! at 10/9c.


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