Britney Defends Walking Off The X Factor, L.A. Dishes On Simon Making Him Wait

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

The X Factor auditions in Greensboro, North Carolina are exactly what make good television — a contestant in drag singing a Britney Spears song, she walks off the stage and L.A. Reid disses Simon Cowell for keeping him waiting!

Britney, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato spoke after the wild show and revealed why they left the stage following a cringe worthy performance.

“Simon has more patience than us,” L.A. admitted about the guy who sang Brit’s song Crazy and didn’t do a very good job.

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“It was just horrible. The thing was he thought he was going through he thought the cheers were because he was so good. We just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Demi explained why she left, saying, “I felt really uncomfortable I had to walk away.”

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Britney, looking gorgeous in a skin tight black dress, who seemed to be the first one off the stage as her song was being mocked, said she only did what Demi did.

“I was following her I was taking her lead, she’s like ‘let’s go’ and I was like ‘Ok, it was our break anyway, it was our dinner so I was like ok,'” Britney said.

Demi said they did have a little sympathy for the guy, but not much.

“He’s on the floor crying because he thinks he’s done such a great job. I felt so bad. I laughed at first, but then I felt really bad.”

L.A. Reid also dished on’s exclusive report about Simon being late to the set because he stopped for southern food and made everyone wait for him.

“I was told while waiting and waiting and waiting that he was stopping by Jake’s Diner. I’m not even sure he knows what grits are.”

L.A. said that British-born Simon didn’t even know what he was eating.

“He got here, he had mashed potatoes he thought they were grits, that was even worse!”


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