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The Real Reason Wonder Years Cutie Danica McKeller Split With Hubby

By Radar Staff

Danica McKeller‘s Wonder Years of marriage are over, and has the reason why.

The 37-year-old actress, who played Winnie Cooper on the hit 80s show, filed for divorce June 4 from her struggling musician husband, Michael Verta, because she was sick of being the bread winner throughout their three year marriage.

“Danica felt that she was doing all the work,” a source tells the new issue of the National Enquirer. “She was bringing home the bacon so he could sit around and work on his music.

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“She got tired of carrying more than her fair share of the load – especially after having their son, Draco, nearly two years ago.

“That put a terrible strain on the marriage, and it finally collapsed.”

Thankfully, the former child star had the foresight to protect her fortune with a pre-nup, the source says.



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