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Twintervention: Sisters Refuse To Be Separated, Even After Marriage!

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Twin sisters that look alike, talk alike and even live together aren’t that unusual, except when one of them is married, and the husband lives with both of them.

Lisa and Debbie Britton are 24-year-old blonde twins being featured in the TLC special TWINTERVENTION and in this exclusive sneak peek and interview they reveal the intimate details of how they manage to have relationships with other people.

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“The longest time we spent apart was a couple weeks, I went to visit my husband Alistar’s family because Lisa’s boyfriend convinced her not to go,” Debbie told RadarOnline.com.

But this isn’t something the girls relish doing, and in fact Debbie, who is older by six minutes, said she goes into a frenzy when they’re separated.

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“When we’re not together I have major anxiety issues and it all stems from my concern for my twin sister. I’ve had it since I was a kid and if she’s not around I’m like the nagging girlfriend, I constantly bug her.”

The girls’ strong bond carries over into the relationship Debbie has with her husband’s family.

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“Not only is Debbie’s new family that she married into her new family, but it’s also become my new family. And Debbie and Alistar include me in their marriage.”

While Debbie’s husband is welcoming and supportive of their relationship, Lisa’s boyfriend Joe is the opposite.

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“He always pressured me to spend time away from Debbie because he didn’t understand our relationship,” Lisa admitted.

The docu-special focuses on three pairs of inseparable twins who struggle to find their own identities. Unable to live without each other, the cameras document what life is like when this bond binds too deep.

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TWINTERVENTION airs Wednesday on TLC at 10/9c.


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