Throwback Thursday! Guess The Hollywood Hunk

By Leah OrnsteinRadar Features Editor

With a huge movie hitting the big screen on Friday, this Hollywood heartthrob is sure to have a rockin’ weekend!

In the spotlight since the early 1980s, this hunky actor has been married to a slew of sexy leading ladies and is constantly surrounded by the spotlight due to his controversial religion.

Keep reading to find out the identity of the mystery man in’s special Throwback Thursday baby photo feature.

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If you guessed Tom Cruise, you are right!  The 49-year-old actor stars in the highly anticipated movie Rock of Ages,  which, no doubt, will put a dent in the weekend box office.

The Academy Award nominated star, who stands at just 5 ft.7 in., is one of the most successful Hollywood stars of all time.

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Getting his start in 1980s movies Risky Business, All the Right Moves and Top Gun, he has cruised through his career with dozens of blockbusters under his belt.

The devout Scientologist has been married three times, to actress Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and current wife Katie Holmes.



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