Flaunting Fakes! Stars Show Off Their Boob Jobs In Bikinis

By Radar Staff

Go large or go home!

Though some stars are bashful about their plastic surgery, these sexy stars flaunt their boob jobs every chance they get, stripping down into barely-there bikinis and hitting the shoreline.

rom reality stars and beauty queens to big screen bombshells, RadarOnline.com has photos of 10 stars with obvious boob jobs, showing off their artificial assets with pride.

PHOTOS: Bikini Babes Flaunt Their Fake Boobs

Pamela Anderson has bared all for Playboy and gotten frisky in a sex tape, so it isn’t shocking that she shows off her Baywatch boobs on the beach in barely legal bikinis!

Heidi Montag suffered through several infamous plastic surgery procedures to transform her face and body, including a massive boob job. The Hills star blew up her bosom to outrageous proportions, and didn’t waste any time before hitting a Las Vegas pool party in a skimpy swimsuit.

A boob job for a beauty queen! Pageant bad girl Carrie Prejean got her cup size upped, and loves showing off the sexy results in steamy bikinis.

And Brit boob job queen Katie Price, aka Jordan, has copped to having several breast augmentation surgeries, so we aren’t shocked that she flaunts her gigantic globes nonstop.

What other stars have flaunted their fakes in barely there bikinis? Find out by clicking here.

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