Video Vixen! Mischa Barton Strips Down To Her Skivvies

By Radar Staff

Mischa Barton has gone from television star to video vixen!

The former OC star strips down to her skivvies and goes on the run in Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ latest music video – and has video of her nearly naked performance.

PHOTOS: Mischa Barton Strips Down To Her Skivvies In Music Video

Mischa, who filmed the video back in April 2012 on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, loses her dress when it is ripped off by the door of a taxicab, and is left wearing only leopard print lingerie and Converse kicks.  She proceeds to spend the duration of the video expressively running down the streets chasing the taxi in her bra and panties.

The actress, who hasn’t appeared in a hit movie or television show since she left The OC in 2006, recently revealed to in an exclusive interview that she is totally content with her life.

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“As far as criticism is concerned, if it was constructive, I’d take it to heart, but when the intent is solely malicious, I’ve learned to let it roll of my back,” she dished. “I’ve been working consistently since my age was in single digits and just celebrated my 26th birthday, so it would be nice to be given credit where credit is due. The important thing is my happiness, and I’m quite content!”

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