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Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Sticks To Her Guns: Miss Universe Pageant Is Rigged!

By Amber Goodhand – Radar News Editor

Sheena Monnin — former Miss Pennsylvania — claims the Miss Universe pageant is rigged and went on the Today show to explain why, and has the video clip.

“I feel prepared to continue to pursue the truth. I know what I heard, and I know what I in turn witnessed come true based on what I heard the contestant said … she saw the list. I’m prepared to continue to march forward,” Sheena told Ann Curry.

“What I really want out of this is for the truth to be known. I want to make sure I stand up for what I know is right. I know what I heard. There’s no doubt in my mind that the contestant was serious when she laid out what she said she saw.”

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According to reports, Sheena claims that Miss Florida — who now denies everything and says she was joking — told her a list of the top 5 Miss Universe contestants and that they perfectly matched the end result, leading her to believe the pageant is fixed.

“Her body language was very serious, and she looked a little bit scared because she had just seen something that would potentially drastically change the reputation of the Miss Universe organization,” Sheena explained.

As previously reported, Miss Universe head-honcho Donald Trump is flabbergasted by the entire accusation and is threatening to sue Sheena.

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“We’re going to be suing her now — she made a very false charge and she knows it’s a false charge,” Trump said, adding Monnin’s claims are “totally ridiculous.”

“I think her primary issue is that she lost and she’s angry about losing. And frankly, in my opinion, I saw her barely a second and she didn’t deserve to be in the top 15.”

Watch Sheena’s entire appearance below:


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