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Former Knots Landing Star Donna Mills’ Dramatic Plastic Surgery!

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Now that 80s soap Dallas has been resurrected for a new run, fans may be hoping that its spin-off show Knots Landing will get a similar modern day make-over.

If the prime time drama ever does return then viewers may be hard-pressed to recognize star Donna Mills, who has undergone a dramatic transformation after repeated trips to the plastic surgeon.

At 71, Mills appears to be determined to stay looking young and youthful even if it means going to extreme lengths and looking shockingly different to her former self.

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“She’s aging very gracefully… but, I suspect, with a little help from plastic surgery,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the actress, told RadarOnline.com.

“Her face is smooth and wrinkle free, the possible result of a combination of well-performed Botox injections, filler injections, and laser treatments. There is barely a wrinkle on her 71-year-old face!

“Women in their seventh decade of life do not typically look this young without the help of a plastic surgeon,” he went on to reveal.

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“I suspect that she’s undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries, including a facelift to tighten her lower face and jawline, upper and lower eyelid lifts, and possible fat injections.”

Overall, Dr. Youn believes Mills, who most recently guest starred in GCB with Kristin Chenoweth, is a great example of fantastic plastic surgery.


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