The Crocodile Hunter’s Little Girl, Bindi Irwin Is All Grown Up!

By Radar Staff

Steve Irwin‘s daughter, Bindi, isn’t a little girl anymore.

The Crocodile Hunter’s 13-year-old showed off her grown up look as she posed with her mom, Terri and brother Robert at the Australia Zoo, and has a photo of her startling transformation.

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The teenager – who still bares a striking resemblance to her late dad – was attending a charity event with her family when she posed for photos.

Terri has previously spoken about how hard it is to see Bindi grow up so fast.

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“The little girl-to-young lady thing happens so quickly,” she said. “We hit these milestones and I think, ‘Gee I wish Steve was here for it’ and then I think he kind of is.

“We are being watched over. That’s special too.”

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The eccentric environmentalist died in 2006 when his heart was pierced by the serrated poisonous spine of a stingray as he swam with the creature while filming his TV show.


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