Bristol Palin Living Large In Los Angeles: See A Sneak Peek Here

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

Bristol Palin‘s reality TV show premieres next week and you’ll never believe where the Alaska native was staying while in Los Angeles!

The 21-year-old single mother took her son, Tripp, and sister, Willow, to Hollywood, and in the sneak peek obtained by, it looks like the three were living in the lap of luxury.

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“Until I find an apartment I’m going to be staying at one of my parents’ friend’s houses,” Bristol says in the clip, speaking of course of her mom Sarah Palin and dad Todd Palin.

The girls pull up to a palatial, gated mansion and let out screams of, “Holy cow!”

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“This house is amazing, it’s huge! I never thought that it was going to be this huge and this extravagant,” Bristol says.

“It’s way up on a hill and it’s ginormous. I really love it here.”

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Bristol notes all the bidets in the home, which Tripp calls “water fountains,” and says she doesn’t think there’s one in all of Alaska.

“It’s going to be great and there’s no telling what we’re going to get into,” she says.

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Bristol’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston, refused to do the show with her and the two have had a volatile relationship since their split.

You can catch the premiere of Bristol’s show, Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp, on Lifetime at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesday, June 19.


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