Watch Out Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes’ Got A Gun!

By Radar Staff

Who needs a restraining order when they know how to shoot a gun and hit a target?

A few days after her husband, Eddie Cibrian’s, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ex-wife Brandi Glanville revealed that she “really thought that she was going to kill” the country singer, LeAnn Rimes hit a shooting range on Thursday afternoon and let off a little steam, sharing the photos on her Twitter page – and has the images. 

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“Bang Bang,” Rimes captioned the first image, in which she is blowing off her fingers after shooting several times into a paper target.

In other images, the country star is shown shooting at the target with a gun in hand.

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Rimes is currently on tour with her band, playing gigs in the Midwest and the East Coast. 

Earlier in the day, Rimes posted a message on Twitter, which sounded like it was a stab at Cibrian’s ex.

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“Disappointing when what you think is out of the goodness of someone’s heart is only a manipulation for them to later use to paint a pretty picture.”


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