Hilarious Video! Three Grandmas ‘Critique’ Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

By Radar Staff

Sorry Kim, but this is really, really funny.

It’s the latest video sure to go viral: Three charming grandmas kibitzing while watching Kim Kardashian‘s famous roll-in-the-hay with Ray J on the sex tape that launched the socialite’s fame into the pop culture stratosphere.

The trio of ladies don’t hold back much — make that anything — as they unabashedly comment on Kim’s and Ray J’s sexual chemistry.

Watch the video on RadarOnline.com (Warning: Content is Explicit in Nature)

Some of our favorite audio excerpts:

“The end is purple!”

“What’s taking him so long, he’s so young?”

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“What is her problem? She’s just laying there!”

“Oh, she has no hair — that’s the Brazilian!”


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