Aimee Copeland Speaks For First Time Since Battling Flesh-Eating Bacteria

By Radar Staff

Twenty-seven days after contacting the flesh-eating bacteria that nearly ended her life, Aimee Copeland is speaking, and her dad Andy couldn’t contain himself.

“Today…   May 27…   …is AIMEE DAY!!! Today Aimee has finally spoken her first words. I will follow with details tonight,” Andy wrote on his blog on Sunday.

Aimee has lost most of her left leg, her right foot, and both hands, since becoming infected on May 1. She’s also suffered kidney failure and other organ damage.

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As has been reporting, Aimee’s determination to survive and incredible humor have kept her family, friends, and even the medical staff at her Augusta, Georgia hospital from giving up.

After falling into a murky river from a home made zip line, Aimee suffered a deep gash in her calf and despite it being cleaned and closed with 22 staples, a bacteria burrowed deep into the wound and caused necrotizing fasciitis, a usually fatal infection.

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Copeland, 24, is still in critical condition.

“She’s going to be here for months,” her father revealed. “She’s going to need to regrow skin that was removed. She’s going to need to learn to use prosthetics. She’s going to still be on dialysis for a while.”


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