‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Will ‘Have A Bad Acid Trip She’ll Never Get Out Of,’ Worries Friend

By Radar Staff

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to trouble, but the latest revelations about the Teen Mom 2 star are the most scandalous yet, as her friend exclusively reveals the depth of Jenelle’s hallucinogenic drug use, and RadarOnline.com has video of her shocking allegations.

As we previously reported, the North Carolina native has begun dabbling in LSD. “She does it a lot — she fell in love with it,” close pal Tori Rhyne exclusively tells Star magazine. “It’s just a little sheet that she puts on her tongue and waits for it to hit her: Then she gets all weird.”

Now Rhyne, who has been BFFs with Evans since they were 12 years old, is giving exclusive details on her greatest fears for her pal.

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“When Jenelle does acid she is an amazing person, but of course it is not her – it is the drug that she is on,” she says. “As bad as that sounds, I do worry about her because I don’t want her to have a bad trip and never be able to get out of it.”

Despite her alleged regular acid consumption, it is not her drug of choice and the 20-year-old would much rather get stoned then trip out, claims Rhyne.

“When Jenelle was told she couldn’t smoke weed anymore she lost it. She smoked it to calm down,” Tori says. “Whenever she gets off probation she said she is going to stop doing acid and smoke weed again. She is going to stop doing everything else.”

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Along with her drug use, the reality star has a slew of emotional problems, her friend claims, and is prone to hurting herself when life gets too much.

“She does have depression and she does have bipolar,” reveals Rhyne. “She’s very chemically unbalanced. The reason Jenelle started to cut herself was because she had a lot of family issues going on. They are all crazy.

“The main thing she’s used is scissors, once or twice she’s used a razor before,” she adds.

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Tori goes on to say that if Jenelle’s mom Barbara finds out that she is doing hard drugs again, she would take her to court for full custody of her little boy, Jace, and tell her she can never see him again.

“I want Jenelle to straighten up her life and start being a real mother. I want her to live happily,” she pledges.

Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan told Star, “The allegations against my client are absolutely false.”

For more on this exclusive story, check out Star magazine — available on newsstands now.


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