Move Over Madonna & Lady Gaga! Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Releases New Single

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Courtney Stodden has taken time away from posing in barely there sexy outfits to record a second single, and it’s aptly titled Reality.

The 17-year-old Teen Bride has released her newest song, which she says is all about lust!

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“The song is about clubbing and dancing with your sexy partner,” Courtney told

Courtney married her 51-year-old boyfriend actor Doug Hutchison last year when she was just 16.

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“To me, it’s a story about lust. It’s about falling in love with someone. Is it in your head, or is it lust?”

The lyrics of the dance song include, “I want to dance tonight til we lose control. Baby if you want to we can take it all the way. This is reality; don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming.”

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“I’m really excited about the new song. I’m working with a couple of really sexy producers!” Courtney previously told

Reality goes on sale on iTunes on Tuesday.


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